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You have seen videos and images showing a helicopter crash or an airplane crash. In most cases, plane crashes are fatal and they eliminate any possibility of evacuating survivors. However, some plane crashes are not fatal and some people survive with minor injuries. When such aviation accidents happen, aviation lawyers represent the aircraft manufacturers, owners, controllers, pilots, and passengers. If you or your family member experience an aviation accident, you need an aviation lawyer to take you through the legal process or represent you in court. An aviation lawyer works with legal issues related to aviation.

KGW Law attorneys handle business aviation issues such as selling, purchasing, or leasing an aircraft, partnership disputes, warranty claims, airport lien foreclosures, and insurance coverage issues. The aviation accidents where aviation lawyers help include investigating the cause, checking pilot error, faulty equipment, violation of FAA regulations, negligence of air traffic controllers, and oversight of flight service station employees.

In addition, our aviation attorneys take the responsibility of filing lawsuits and negotiating settlements with the parties involved in the accident.

The Role of Aviation Accident Lawyers

Aviation litigation involves the understanding of international and national laws and their application. If an accident occurs, you need KGW Law’s aviation lawyers since they are highly skilled and familiar with technical areas such as filing claims. In addition, our lawyers are knowledgeable in aviation law and have a track record in handling aviation accident cases.

Which Areas Need an Aviation Attorney?

Business Aviation

Aviation involves purchasing, leasing, and selling aircraft, and any dispute can arise. You need the best aviation attorney in the event of litigation such as partnership disputes, warranty claims, and insurance coverage issues. In most cases, working with KGW Law aviation attorneys is safe given their experience in handling business aviation issues.

KGW Law has lawyers that are experts in mitigating liability, minimizing taxes, and ensuring that your airline complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Personal injury claims for aviation accidents

Whether you were hurt in an airline accident, helicopter crash, an accident involving military aircraft, or some other aviation disaster, our team is here to help you each step of the way. The attorneys help aviation accident victims to file a civil action against the parties at fault for monetary damages.

Contact a KGW Law aviation attorney and ask about filing an injury claim and compensation if you have been involved in an aviation accident. Our law firm is always looking for new ways of delivering the highest standard of service.

Investigate the causes of aviation accidents

KGW Law’s aviation lawyers are experienced investigators and have been involved in significant aviation accident case preparation and trial. Our lawyers examine your case thoroughly and seek accountability for airlines, airport manufacturers, and others who have acted negligently in your case. In all aircraft accidents, human error is the primary consideration in determining the causes of an accident.

Our flight lawyers can scientifically rule out causes not possible when primary or secondary causes are not present. Among the most common reasons for aviation accidents include maintenance failure, bad weather, pilot error, air traffic controller error, maintenance failure, sabotage, and design and manufacturer defects.

How Do Our Aviation Lawyers Investigate Cases & Prove Faults?

Our aviation accident lawyers have specialized knowledge of airplanes, aircraft, and associated parts and systems. Our research focuses mainly on general commercial and military aircraft and helicopters. We perform flight and simulator tests on different aircraft and helicopter models and evaluate aircraft services history and maintenance records to understand every operation.

Making legal considerations in aviation accident cases

Compensation for aircraft crash claims involves understanding complex national and international aviation laws. Unfortunately, most people may not understand these laws and need an aviation lawyer’s services as they seek compensation. KGW Law has the best aviation attorneys to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your claim. Our lawyers work with claims involving small airplanes and commercial and general aviation accidents involving private businesses and public carriers.

Our experienced staff serves several clients at national and international levels. We are among the best lawyers in the aviation industry and constantly set new standards in aviation law.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

If an insurance company offers you an aviation accident settlement less than you deserve – and they often do – we counter them. The objective of insurance companies is to settle your case quickly and with a minimum payout. You need the best aviation lawyer to push for maximum compensation in your case.

Our law firm’s years of personal injury and wrongful death litigation experience have seen our clients collect various settlements and awards.

How You Can Hire an Aviation Accident Attorney

Aviation law is complex, given that airlines traverse various nations and destinations. An aviation attorney must be an expert in international and national flight laws. Therefore avoid hiring people masquerading as aviation attorneys. Instead, you should select someone with specialized knowledge, experience, and an impressive track record of success. The attorney must learn aviation law to avoid accidents and understand aircraft mechanics. Our KGW Law aviation attorneys are experts in international and national flight laws. We have assisted several companies and victims in filing claims.

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If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a plane crash, please contact us for a free case consultation. Or if you are planning to acquire an aircraft, it is wise to engage an aviation lawyer to help you in planning a purchase deal. KGW Law’s aviation accident attorneys build an attorney-client relationship based on trust and honesty with the aim of representing your best interests. We are among the best law firms and ensure that you receive compensation. Our attorneys have represented numerous aircraft accident victims and their families in the worst flight disasters in the world given their high level of expertise in all kinds of aircraft accidents.

Reach out to us today and we can discuss your case and offer the best advice.

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