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Immigrant laws are complex and often, immigrants are on the receiving end. At times, you face deportation and removal from your family. In addition, these events reveal that immigration law is a terrible mess, in deep need of comprehensive reform. Our firm is committed to providing honest, top-quality service to the immigrant community of Dallas, Texas.

Why You Need to Choose KGW Law firm 

You need to know that immigration and criminal law overlap. Most immigrants with criminal charges in their pasts are left without benefits under U.S. immigration law. Our immigration attorneys in Dallas, TX are knowledgeable and experienced in criminal defense and immigration. At our law firm, we offer advice to businesses on various immigration issues.

We use our professional skills to assist our clients to realize every opportunity and the rights provided to them by law. Our immigration lawyers represent all our clients in a diversity of legal issues at both the state and federal levels.

Our professional team of immigration lawyers are skilled in handling citizenship and naturalization matters.

KGW Law firm was voted among the best Dallas immigration lawyers.

Our Immigration Law Firm Assists Clients With The Following Immigration Services:

Assists clients with the student, K-1, K-3, and K-4 visa applications

Most people do not realize how complex immigration law is. You need professional and experienced lawyers that can help with the application and processing of your visa.

Green Card Applications

Minor mistakes in a green card application can lead to long delays. A small mistake can lead to the deportation of an individual.

International Adoptions/ Family Based immigration

We deal with family immigration options like adjustment of status, fiancé and immigrant visas, and provisional waivers. Citizenship and naturalization are complex issues as our criminal matters and contested US passports. Our law firm’s practice also covers special programs like deferred action for childhood arrivals.

Other Legal and Immigration Services

At KGW Law, we also offer legal services for advice on deportation, permanent residency, and individuals seeking asylum

Our Services

For immigration law services to both individuals and businesses. We help families and individuals to understand their rights, possibilities, and processes.

We Take Our Clients Through The Complex Immigration Process Which Includes:

Document Preparation and Filing

Prepare proper documentation on your behalf for your employer. We also advise on the essential documents such as bona fide marriage certificates, birth certificates, and any other valid proof. Working with an attorney to ensure timely and proper filing while remaining in legal immigration compliance is crucial to a successful adjustment of your status.

Ensure that You Offer Clear and Consistent Data

Our lawyers deal with exhaustive case preparation and creative legal solutions. They guarantee that the information you fill in and present to the government is clear, correct, and consistent during the Green Card process. Mistakes and incorrect data signal deportation.

Advice on Maintaining Immigration Status

The complexity of U.S. immigration law means that you could entangle yourself when you alter your immigration status. When you are doing a change of status- or switching from one type of visa to another, you need a skillful immigration attorney.

During the Green Card application process, which can be lengthy, it is critical that you maintain lawful immigration status. Under certain circumstances, you can request an extension of your H-1B status in one-year increments while your Green Card application is being processed. In order to naturalize as a citizen of the United States, the initial requirement for all applicants is to be a Permanent Resident (i.e. have a Green Card).

Immigration Lawyer Assistance if You are facing Removal proceedings

When you find yourself facing removal proceedings or deportation proceedings in an immigration court, we will offer assistance. We will research the immigration laws and look for any possible reason that will guarantee your stay in America. Our lawyers help our clients and witnesses prepare for deportation defense, and deal with court requirements and procedures. They spend hours listening to you and preparing you to present your case before an immigration judge.

Seeking Visa for Different Purposes

Immigration attorneys understand all kinds of visas and their application processes. We are professional and experienced in handling various visa applications for immigrants. If you have an immigrant purpose and you apply for a non-immigrant visa, the immigration courts perceive that as a misrepresentation and the outcome could be a permanent prohibition from entering the United States.

Why Work With Us On Immigration Issues

Utilize a Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Approach

We help businesses comply with immigration laws, rules, and practices. We use an interdisciplinary approach to offer foreign employees legal assistance in getting temporary and permanent work authorization.

Experienced in Outbound Immigration

Besides working with immigrants and foreign nationals in the U.S, we also work with American firms with employees that work outside the country. We use an interdisciplinary approach to work with various countries and understand their immigration laws and needs. 

Effective Communication and High Level of Professionalism

We always attempt to effectively communicate and want our clients to understand every detail and procedure with the highest level of professionalism. In addition, we also offer training sessions and guidance for all our clients and brief them on immigration requirements for I-9 and E-verify, hiring and firing practices, potential penalties, and other anti-discrimination practices.

Attentive and Sensitive to Your Immigration Needs

We are sensitive and knowledgeable in dealing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the courts. When you visit our law office, we always attempt that you will get the best outcome.

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