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Any foreigner that wants to live permanently in the United States needs an immigrant visa. However, for them to be eligible for an immigrant visa that enables permanent residence, they need to be sponsored by an immediate relative who is a lawful permanent resident with a green card or a legal or a US citizen. This relative also has to be at least 21 years old.

Types of Family-Based Immigrant Visas

  • Family Preference Visas
    These are visas given for more distant family relationships with a US citizen. They are also given to those who are related to legal permanent residents. The number of visas given to immigrants in this category is limited for every fiscal year.
  • Immediate Relative Visas
    These visas are based on close family relationships with a citizen of the US. The number of immigrant visas in this category is not limited for any given fiscal year.

As a US citizen, you can file for a family-based immigrant visa for your family members including your children, spouse, parents, or siblings. On the other hand, lawful permanent residents can file for visas for their unmarried children or spouses.

Green Card Application Process

As a petitioner, you will begin the process by requesting the government to allow your family member to immigrate. The process starts with you filling the I-130 petition that shows the existence of a family member that qualifies for the visa.

The USCIS approves your petition and avails you with a visa number and your foreign family member can now apply for a green card. The two paths to apply for a green card are:

Adjustment of status

This happens when the immigrant is already in the United States so they can adjust their status to that of a permanent resident. However, adjustment of status is only available to a limited number of applicants.

Consular processing

This is the most common way through which non-immigrants get a green card.

The demand for family-based immigrant visas may be high, which creates a backlog. The waiting list is long and the person’s place can be determined with a priority date when your specific case will be properly filed and accepted. This priority date is given for family-preference visas

Where Family Immigration Lawyers Comes In

Since the immigration process may take a relatively long time, it can be especially useful to have a family immigration attorney from an immigration law firm by your side. Your family immigration lawyer will answer any questions you have about the immigration process and help you with immigration matters as you move your family to the US.

Our attorneys at KGW Law Firm respect the attorney-client relationship to ensure you get the best outcome for your case so you can up your chances of becoming a United States citizen.

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