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You have walked into a party and you meet your old friends. Suddenly, one of your close friends grabs your gun and shoots her girlfriend dead. You have become an essential part of the crime since you were at the scene. Your life changes immediately-from a party to the fear and stressful experience of going to the courts. Your job, family, and friends are at stake and you are wondering how you will convince the jury that you were not part of the crime.

Criminal charges are serious matters and you can get years or months in jail. In addition, America has a complex criminal justice system where you have a higher probability of going to jail than being set free. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to secure your freedom.

We welcome you to KGW LAW Firm in Dallas, TX and you can get the best lawyers to represent you in your legal issues.

A criminal charge in Dallas, Texas can cause the following:

The Crimes that We Deal With

But with our law firm at your reach, you may get a different outcome than what has been stated above. Every case is different depending on the circumstances and the evidence. The way you defend yourself also dictates the results of your case. If you need the best outcome, a professional and experienced attorney is in the best position to present your legal issues and make strong arguments on your behalf.

Our attorneys can convince prosecutors to drop charges if the evidence is weak. We can also convince the prosecutors that your constitutional rights were violated when you got arrested. Even if the evidence appears stacked against you, a good criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton Counties helps the jury to interpret the facts and convince them to acquit you. We can also negotiate with the judge to be lenient or the prosecutor to reduce the charges.

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Stages of criminal procedures in Dallas County include:

What are the Important Qualities of Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers?

Skills and education levels do not guarantee that a lawyer will get you the best outcome, however, our lawyers offer quality legal representation. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands your fears and communicates with you in simple language. You need a qualified criminal defense attorney with a personality that can argue on your behalf for the best outcome

Some of the Qualities of a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Active Communication

When you are facing a criminal charge, your future may not be too bright. A good Dallas criminal lawyer will understand the needs of the case, its outcome, and the effect of the same on your life and work towards minimizing the impacts.

We are honest and offer the best advice on your case. We also work smart and hard to ensure that you achieve your goals.


We are dedicated to offering you personal service for your criminal case. Our lawyers are present and accessible throughout the court process. We offer face-to-face talk and make consultations before any proceedings to reassure you of our commitment. We return your phone calls when you need something done or a question answered.

Aggressive and Competent Advocacy

 The best defense attorney will fight for you and ensure that the most possible outcome is your freedom. You also need to understand that an aggressive lawyer will ensure that your case is dismissed or withdrawn without stress and trial uncertainties. We ensure that we fight for your rights and tell your side of the story to the jury and prosecutors. We offer free consultation in Dallas Texas. While serving clients, we ensure that they get the most competent advocacy.

Rich and Strong Experience

We pride ourselves on having a strong experience that has been developed over the years. At our KGW LAW firm, we have worked on thousands of criminal cases and we know the law, prosecutors, judges, jury, clerks, and everyone in the justice system. We ensure that you get the best outcome- freedom.

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