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Many immigrants find the easiest way to get a Green card or US Immigration Visa is through a work visa. The H-1B employment visa provides a means for the immigrant to be an employee of a sponsoring employer so they can perform specialized duties. Therefore, a person who holds this status must have specialized work experience or higher education and may include professionals such as engineers, architects, lawyers, physicians, and other highly professional positions. While this type of visa can help employers snag some of the best professionals in their field, it can be intimidating for the employer to petition for it. They will need to complete forms, provide evidence and pay fees for the process to be complete. While some employers can easily get through the process, some of them may require some help.

About KGW Law Firm’s Immigration Attorneys

KGW Law is an immigration law firm that consists of a group of qualified lawyers who aim to serve their clients to the best of their ability. Based in Fort Worth, Dallas, we have been offering our services to the people for approximately five decades helping people deal with issues surrounding family, immigration, personal injury, and civil litigation law. Each day, we strive to ensure that our clients reach their goals, which sets us apart from other legal practices within Dallas. Therefore, if you are looking for an H-1B lawyer to help you hire qualified foreign workers, we are the right firm to come to. Our legal services will go a long way as we are known for providing comprehensive immigration solutions since we work with attorneys who are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

H-1B Visa Process and Requirements

Since this type of visa deals with specialty occupations, there are requirements that both the employer and individual must meet according to immigration law for the immigration process to work.

The applicant

The Employer

The employer has to identify and determine whether the position being offered is a specialty occupation. Furthermore, they must be able to pay the employee the prevailing wage or actual wage paid to other workers who have the same qualifications and experience. You need to understand immigration laws and the details of the Twenty-First Century Act of 2000. As H-1B and family immigration lawyers we ensure that we prepare your labor certification and HIB on time for filing with the USCIS.

H-1B Immigration Lawyer Services in Dallas Fort Worth

Petitioning for an H-1B visa involves a series of steps. During this time, the employer will complete different forms and be in constant touch with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Due to the complexity of applying for an H-1B visa, we recommend that employers reach out to qualified lawyers who can help you apply successfully. We will help you understand and submit all the supporting documentation and with the form I-129.

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KGW Law has been in business since 1972. During this time, we have helped employers navigate the complex process of getting H-1B visas. You can trust us with the details of your immigration application and we shall do the rest for you.

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