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When your business has been involved in an intellectual property rights violation case, you need an expert to offer legal advice and the best legal representation. Due to the complex nature of business law, it is important to hire a business and corporate litigation attorney with impressive legal acumen.

When facing a business law matter, the outcome of your case greatly hinges on the quality of your lawyer. In all cases, we strive to keep you thoroughly informed and actively involved throughout the process of civil litigation.

Our Dallas law firm provides comprehensive service and representation across the spectrum of Texas business and corporate law. Our lawyers are experienced in civil litigation law. When you visit our offices in Dallas, Texas, you can often get a case evaluation.

What are Dallas Business Litigation Attorneys

Dallas Business Law Firm can help solve all types of commercial litigation and business disputes in any aspect, including business litigation. We have represented business owners in commercial and industrial litigation in Dallas, TX. The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience handling numerous business cases. Our business litigation attorneys have represented clients throughout the country and abroad through mediation, arbitration, and trials in state and federal courts.

Additionally, the well-established civil litigation lawyers in Dallas provide support to employers in employment law, trade secrets, compensation litigation, securities law, and related practice areas.

Our Attorneys Have Experience Handling Disputes

in the Following Practice areas:

In addition, our Dallas business litigation attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of fiduciary duty claims in local courts.

Dallas Business Litigation Lawyers

Manage the Stages of Civil Litigation:

Pre-Trial Stage- Investigation, Pleadings, and Discovery

Dallas Litigation attorneys conduct an investigation to determine if the company has enough evidence that warrants lawsuit filing. In a defendant’s case, he will assess evidence against the client, locate witnesses and interview them, take documents and gather more evidence and anything pertaining to the dispute. Dallas business litigation lawyers also work on pre-litigation settlement negotiations to avoid filing lawsuits.

They also file various pleadings and motions on behalf of both the defendant and plaintiff in a lawsuit. They file complaints and summons to begin a lawsuit.

Trial Period

When a case goes for trial, litigation attorneys will present your case in court. Dallas litigation lawyers collaborate with clients and experts to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a case and develop persuasive arguments. In addition they prepare all testimonies for witnesses.

Litigators present give opening and closing statements to the jury, and craft their versions of the case through evidence and testimony.

Post-Trial Stage-Settlement and Appeal Processes

They conduct post-trial interviews of the jury. They create settlement brochures, releases, agreements and materialize any agreement. They also work on the appeal process if the outcome does not favor the client. They must work on the post-trial motions, preserve and identify appeal issues, gather evidence for the appellate record, draft appellate documents, and research procedural issues.

How Can a Business Litigation Attorney Help Me?

Business law encompasses the entire scope of laws governing the business formation, operation, management, and termination in the US. The firm has experienced lawyers in business litigation who understand the complexity of the law in your case. When business takes place there are inevitable problems that emerge.

We are aware that a simple disagreement can quickly escalate into a complex matter that requires litigation. In such cases, the law needs to provide legal advice to defend the business’s financial interests. We are experienced legal counsel who has negotiated with the parties involved in litigation and will help you get the best possible result.

Dallas litigation lawyers are committed to helping individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, and middle-market industry leaders resolve their business disputes efficiently and effectively.

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Traits of Dallas Business Litigation Attorneys

Highly Experienced and Skillful Litigation Attorneys

Our business litigation attorneys are highly experienced and skillful. They offer full dedication to our clientele and ensure that the case is complete. If the client is not satisfied with the outcome, the outcome, our lawyers can file an appeal. They have more than two decades of experience in business litigation.

Seasoned Business Litigation and Trial Attorneys

Our law firm has created a team of experienced trial attorneys and business litigation lawyers with seasoned skills in the areas of preparedness and defense. We are confident and pursue complicated and high-stakes business disputes and ensure that our clients get the best outcome.

Personal and Team Approach to Every Case

Our litigation lawyers work as a team to approach every case. The teams challenge adversaries and proactively manage various disputes. Our business litigation lawyers seek to help our clients manage the risks that endanger their companies as well as their market positions – and we are equipped to do this in any forum, whether in trial court, alternative dispute resolution or in private negotiations.


Our Dallas business litigation lawyers understand the power of civility. They understand civil litigation law tactics to work on the case. They are calm and reasonable plus they use high negotiation skills and work in a reasonable manner with the opponents.

Confidence in Litigation

Our lawyers are professionals in business litigation laws. They think fast based on facts and they present clients with ease in trial. Our business litigation lawyers are confident and they have the ability to communicate with judges in a competitive manner.

Competitive Spirit

Effective litigation ensures that they take on your case and look for ways of attaining the best trial outcome. Our civil litigation lawyer challenges and works on the case.


Dallas business litigation lawyers practice with the highest levels of credibility. They understand the value of business secrets, trademarks, and intellectual property laws and their role in the dynamic business world. They embrace effective communication skills, book appointments, and ensure that promises are kept when they are undertaking civil litigation. We establish a serious attorney-client relationship that enables us to work on various civil litigation cases.

Aggressive Representation

We can assist you in strategically handling the disclosure of information to protect yourself and your potential reward. Our team understands the complexities of whistleblower laws and can provide aggressive representation.

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