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Most people get into marriages with the expectation that they will grow old together. However, times change and couples feel that they can no longer live together. They must recant their vows and seek a divorce. As individuals go through a divorce, they need a smart family attorney that can represent them and support them through the whole process. Divorce is an emotionally charged affair and hiring good family law attorneys in Dallas could save your properties, social status, and child custody disputes among others. Other times it may be in our client’s best interest to seek counseling to save the marriage. We are always looking out for the best interest of our clients. 

Family law is also known as matrimonial law is a practice area that targets legal and domestic issues among family members. Our family law firm offers quality legal services that guarantee the best outcome. You can request for legal representation at our law office in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Family Law Firm offers

Legal Services following family law services:

Dallas family attorneys handle several issues in the family setup. The family law practice area aims at handling civil, marital, and domestic partnerships and even termination of those relationships. The rampant family issues include:

Child Custody, Support, and Visitation Rights

Dallas family attorneys handle child custody roles such as child support, legal custody and visitation rights. A family lawyer will help  parents agree on the custody of the child or children plus their respective responsibilities. The firm also assists clients with a child custody dispute or who need an order of protection against a partner.

Divorce Annulment

Our lawyers get involved in marriage annulments and in proclaiming that the marriage was never valid. The lawyers also ensure that they represent you in the court process. A family lawyer will represent and help you with the process. Our law firm is a proponent of collaborative law, an approach to divorce that promotes the best outcomes for all parties involved. 


Family lawyers negotiate about maintenance fees in the event of child custody and divorces.

Property and Financial Settlements

After marriage annulments or divorce, family lawyers ensure that people have divided all the properties and assets equally. The role of the family attorneys involves meeting all family members so that they can work out a division formula and agreements. They must ensure that the couple or the family observes the time limit and makes an amicable division for all the property.

Ancillary Relief

Dissolving any civil partnership or divorce has much emotional damage to both couples. Ancillary relief or a financial order involves the application to the courts to settle all the financial aspects of your relationships following a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. Dallas family attorneys also ensure that you get protection from any future claims. They encourage a clear understanding of the results of any settlement or judgment and protect any wealth that you may acquire in the future.

Record Keeping and Documentation

Family lawyers keep copies of your documentation and all records of legal proceedings.

Dallas family attorneys keep documents such as wills and should take part in the discussion of distribution of assets among family members.

Other Legal Services Include:

How Dallas Family Law Attorney Can Help You?

At Dallas Family Attorneys, you should expect to get help in family law cases along with the following:

Skills and Experience of Dallas Family Law Lawyer


Dallas family lawyers have the highest levels of integrity. They are honest and will inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They will tell you the facts on the legal proceedings and offer the best advice. They highlight the expectations and offer strategies to ensure that one is prepared for any eventuality.


The diligence of Dallas family lawyers will ensure that you hire us. Our lawyers take every personal call and invite you for a face-to-face discussion. We do not divert our calls to our secretaries. We listen and go over the issues and offer advice. Our diligence lays the groundwork for the best interactions.

Communication Skills

Dallas family lawyers have a reputation for having the best communication skills. They are accessible and they constantly update you on the case. They offer legal advice through emails and are in constant contact about your case. In the courts, they will battle it out and ensure that you get the best outcome. They ensure that our clients have needed constant updates to keep worries at bay.

Document Preparation and Presentations Skills

Our family lawyers prepare all your paperwork and offer advice on the presentation of every process. They understand that family judges make decisions based on the paperwork presented. Therefore, they do their best to present all the information.


Our Dallas attorneys have patience and they are equally aggressive. Family cases involve emotional ties and blood relations and patience is a virtue when dealing with such legal proceedings. You may be emotional and overly insensitive, but our law firm has the best family law lawyers that are calm and patient with all our clients.

We understand that this is a difficult and emotional time for many families.


Objectivity includes examining the strengths and weaknesses of the case and also making an analysis of the reasonable choices that the family court offers. They know the meaning of discretion and offer objective advice on the best choice possible.

Professional Skills and Experience

Our family law lawyer has attained the highest educational levels. They have handled various family law cases meaning that they have a high level of experience. Our experience makes divorce cases and other family law matters easier to deal with.

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