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Estate Planning Services

In the end, life must come to an end, and decisions on the property must be done earlier. Estate planning attorneys in Dallas, Texas agree that estate planning and Wills involve various degrees of complexity.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning describes the processes used in making a financial plan before death or being mentally incapacitated. An estate plan will decide the way in which your wealth is arranged. During these plans, you may choose whom you wish to give to a certain group of people, the beneficiaries.

Estate planning attorney Dallas can designate an additional guardian to look after your children after you die to help them. Estate plans may provide instructions regarding the repayment or taxation of debt. Our experienced estate planning attorneys have adopted a unique team approach to delivering legal services. They are knowledgeable in Texas estate law and ensure that you get the best outcome.

We are also professional and well-versed in business law and offer business litigation services such as business planning. Our law firm also takes care of personal injury

Top Rated Estate Planning & Probate Lawyers in Dallas, TX

Our legal team consists of Professional estate planning and probate lawyers that offer good legal advice. We are available to assist any client in a difficult situation today. Our law firm has a Texas estate planning attorney who has a wealth of experience. We offer effective and aggressive estate planning and estate law services throughout the Dallas Texas area. You can get a free consultation in our law office.

How do I start an estate plan in Texas?

Those executing the tests will call themselves testers. A tester must be 16-year-old or older and has the mental capacity for understanding. If you have assets, you must account for them and make a plan. You must determine the beneficiaries and you have the right.

Services that Our Estate Planning Attorney in Dallas Provide

Last Will & Testament

Our estate planning attorneys take part in the creation of a last will and testament. Many people have large assets and will require a lawyer to assist them in writing a will. A legal estate planning attorney will help you keep the documents up to date as they comply with current regulations so the family can do the thing it wants without confusion.

They identify a person that must serve as an executor of the estate. The executor’s role is also known as a personal representative and their role includes collecting all probate assets, distributing them in accordance with the will, and serving notice to potential creditors.

Power of Attorney

Estate planning lawyers recognize that as people age, they cannot process simple financial issues. Under probate law, the power of attorney is used when the principal has a disability or suffering from a terminal illness. In such cases, the principal is unable to sign financial and medical documents.

Power of the attorney refers to a legal document that allows a principal to appoint an agent to act for them should they become incapacitated.

The power of the attorney confers the agent with the following powers:

Guardianship of Children

We offer litigation services at Guardianship Court. If you have a child under 18 years, your will should name a legal guardian of your child in the event of your death. Our estate planning lawyers take through legal proceedings that will lead to guardianship.

The court can grant a limited guardianship where a guardian will make only specific decisions. The probate lawyers can also argue for full guardianship to make all decisions for the child. The estate planning lawyers can also push for conservatorship

Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust is the only legal tool in probate law that guarantees that a person’s inheritance is available to another person with a disability when needed. The estate planning lawyer can appoint a guardian to receive and manage money for the benefit of a child with a disability while maintaining her eligibility for government services.

How Do Dallas Estate Planning Attorneys and Probate Lawyers Help you?

We are a full-service estate planning and probate firm striving to take the fear and unpredictability out of legal services. 

If the estate plan had a revocable trust and has assets correctly titled into the trust at the time of death. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in probate law and the probate process and they can do an out-of-court settlement to save the family legal costs, court time, and conflict.

If the deceased has more assets, our probate attorneys will represent the family in court and carry out all the estate planning needs. They will take over the legal issues and probate matters and help the court in appointing an executor that will collect assets, act on behalf of the estate, handle creditors’ claims, and make distributions to the ultimate beneficiaries.  

If the family does not have a person that will serve as the executor, an estate planning lawyer must take up the role of the personal representative and settle the legal matter.

How A Probate Attorney Can Settle an Estate and Assist the Executor and Other beneficiaries

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