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As an immigrant, deciding that you want to become an American citizen is a big decision. One of the best ways you can become a citizen of the US is through naturalization. Naturalization will allow you to be granted permanent resident status in the US after you meet some of the requirements established by Congress. However, figuring out the steps to take as you travel this newly found path can be difficult. From application to the questions you will be expected to answer and the forms you will fill, you may find yourself lost and in need of advice some time along the way. If you want to be on the safe side, it is best to get a naturalization lawyer who can guide you through the process of becoming a citizen in the US through naturalization.

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Citizen of the US

Through naturalization, you can become a United States Citizen. As a citizen, you owe your allegiance to the United States and should be of good moral character. Furthermore, you are entitled to the protection of the United States and you will be able to exercise rights and responsibilities as citizens.

For you to qualify for naturalization, you must have had a green card for permanent residency for at least three to five years. Three years is for those who want to file as spouses of US citizens. Furthermore, you must renew your permanent resident card before you apply in case the card will expire in six months or already has.

Furthermore,  it is possible to apply for a green card before receiving a green card. However, you will need to submit a copy of the receipt you will get when applying to replace your permanent resident card when you get it.

Lastly, you will have to meet certain eligibility requirements. For instance, you have to be at least 18 years old to apply for naturalization. Furthermore, you must write, read and speak English, unless you obtain a waiver for these requirements. We can help you with this process. 

You will then go through the 10-step naturalization process which will include the determination of your eligibility to become an American citizen and lawful permanent resident. You will then complete the form N-400 and eventually take a naturalization test as you have a personal naturalization interview. If you complete the process and become a legal citizen, you get a certificate of naturalization and citizenship that will act as proof of your American citizenship.

Contact a Naturalization Lawyer for Your Needs

Are you looking for a Dallas immigration lawyer to help you with your needs? Look no further than KGW Law, an immigration law firm for help with your citizenship and immigration services, even if you are up against an immigration court. We have a qualified team of immigration lawyers to help you process your naturalization request. Furthermore, our team comprises other types of lawyers who can help with other cases such as civil and criminal law issues. Reach out to us today and start working with a citizenship lawyer and to better your chances at getting naturalized as a US citizen.

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